Top 5 Ways to Use a Link Shortener

What is so special about a URL link shortener? Does it really make a difference? How can it be a benefit to those who choose to use one? Is it truly worth the extra step to shorten a link? At T.LY, we definitely say YES! A link shortener has many uses and can be a simple plus to anyone who uses it. Here are 5 ways you can use a link shortener: 

Social Media Branding

If you have an online clothing boutique, a travel blog, or anything in between, the best way to get your name out there is through Social Media blasting your brand. The more people are exposed to it, the more likely they might check out your brand. Using a link shortener will give your audience easy access to your website no matter if it is a post you are sharing on Facebook or a link attached to an Instagram story. This will help draw more click traffic to your site. 

Sharing Links With Large Groups of People

If you ever have to give a presentation to a large group of people, using a URL link shortener might be a lifesaver for sharing any links. For any professional development or class session at school, the presenter/ teacher might need the group to be able to access a certain link. If you have ever tried to have many people, small kids to those up in age, try to type in a long, confusing link, you would understand why a link shortener might come in handy in this situation. 

Business Cards/ Flyers 

If you are advertising for your business using the old fashion way of paper-based flyers or business cards, having an easy link to add your information is a must-have! People will most likely not take the time to type in a long URL for a website. Making it easy for people to access your site is crucial and a shortened link will help! 

Personalizing Your Profile

Using a link shortener is the only way for you to best customize your profile. Whether it is on your social media account or a personal information page on your company’s website, using this tool will help your profile look sleek and organized. 

Link Tracing

If you have ever been interested in what impact you are making across different digital platforms, using a link shortener can give you the ability to create a unique trackable link for you to use on different sites. This way you can monitor and adjust your advertising strategy to become more effective. 

T.LY’s URL link shortener is the best option for shortening any website link no matter what your need is. Check it out! 


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