Link Shorteners in 2020

2020 has changed the way we have to go about daily life in most areas of our society. We no longer do many things in the same way we would have just one year ago. Shopping is one of those areas that has been greatly affected by this time. Brick and mortar stores have been hit hard by this difficult season we all are experiencing together. They have had to adjust their business models to stay in the game. Online shopping is at a recorded high. With the click of a button, people can complete their grocery shopping, check off their complete Christmas list, and even make an impulse purchase from that one ad that keeps popping up all over social media in one go.

With the need for at-home shopping now more than ever, businesses have had to find ways to still be competitive in an online market. The best way for businesses to get people to shop in their online stores is to make sure the process is easy enough for even your technologically challenged parents to understand. Using a URL shortener is one of those very simple touches that can make the difference between someone clicking on your website’s links or not. Everyone from those big businesses, down to the small  start-up, using a URL link shortener can be a simple, easy solution to encourage buyers to take that time to go “check out that link in the bio.” T.LY has created a complete, seamless system to be able to create those shortened links to increase the virtual foot traffic to your online business. Simply use T.LY’s Link Shortener Extension to shorten any link with one easy click.

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