How To Create Trackable QR Codes

QR Codes are a great way to point users to specific web pages, promoting your program or event, or providing the user with additional information. Most smartphones now include QR code readers in the default camera app which makes QR codes much easier to use. A “trackable” QR Code contains embedded information that allows you to track how many visits to your web page resulted from the code on a specific poster, stickers, brochure, billboards, t-shirts, etc. QR Codes will allow you to connect your users back to your online experience.

QR Codes are an ideal contactless solution such as menus at restaurants to engage your customers while keeping germs at bay. Use T.LY QR codes to drive customers to calls to action for purchases, more product/service information, sign-ups, app installs, and more.

Trackable QR codes are easy to create using T.LY. Whenever you shorten a link, you get a QR code automatically create ready to be used anywhere you like. There is no need to reprint content when the redirect URL had to be changed, just update the short URL.






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