First Impressions

First impressions are always something that… well leaves an impression on people. Whether we like it or not, people tend to “judge a book by its cover.” For many online websites or businesses, their first impression to those who are checking them out is their URL link. If a website has a long, messy URL link, people can be turned off from checking out what there is to offer on that site. This is a problem that has a simple, one-step solution! That solution is a URL shortener

Using a URL shortener can boost your website’s first impression for those who might be interested in checking out your site. By shortening the link, you can have more “click appeal” to the users. You can clean up your front entrance to your website by changing the name of your link to help the user recognize the reason or purpose for your website. T.LY Link Shortener Extension has made this “clean up process” for your website’s link simple and clear-cut. Using this Link Shortener Extension is an easy way for any business or website to improve on their website’s “first impression” to the public. And like we all know… you never get a second chance to make a good first impression! 

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