Alternatives To Bitly

Replacing Bitly with T.LY

Bitly offers a great free option but comes with many limitations. When looking for a new URL shortener, consider T.LY as the best Bitly alternative.

With Bitly you can’t

  • Change the destination URL
  • Connect more than one custom domain
  • Select a custom keyword after the slash
  • Make your links private

What makes a great URL shortener?

URL shorteners make sharing long links more reasonable. Let’s assume you need to share a website on a business card, in a ad, or in another circumstance where a long URL isn’t ideal. A short URL occupies less room, is more manageable, and keeps your content clean.

Another utilization case for short URLs is to make a variety of social links so you can easily follow source traffic. For instance, you may make one short URL to use on Twitter, an alternate one for Facebook, and a third to be utilized in an email campaign.

T.LY fits these requirements and more! You can easily add your own custom domain and create your own branded short links. A simple interface allows you to create and manage all your short links. With the Link Shortener Extension, you can shorten any link in 1 easy click.

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